Our Vision

Many electronics businesses pay too much for their electronic components due to price controls, annual negotiation and manual processes.

In an industry worth $1.3 trillion per year, technology removes barriers to better prices by creating a larger, automated and more transparent marketplace.


Our Values

  • Integrity

    Our customers trust us as an independent partner and we work hard to maintain their trust.

  • Ownership

    We’re a small team, each maintaining responsibility for our own work and supporting each other to achieve our goals.

  • Daring

    We embrace success as much as failure and are convinced that creative and robust solutions come from striving to correct mistakes.

  • Enjoyment

    We’ve discovered that work can be a reward, that it can be exciting, and that means we’re unable to work in any other way.

Our co-founder and CEO, Adrien Sandrini, was responsible for producing millions of set-top boxes as Director of Manufacturing and Logistics for Sagemcom. With Marc Van-Wijlick, the founder of several successful Arkine e-commerce sites, they co-founded Precogs to remove barriers for OEM-ODM-EMS businesses operating in a marketplace lacking transparency.

Precogs is based in Paris, and is backed by prestigious investors Alven and Cap Decisif, enabling us to recruit the finest supply-chain and technology professionals.


Our Story

Minority Report

Our name

The name ‘Precogs’ is from the short-story The Minority Report by Philip K. Dick, first published in 1956. In 2002, it became the eponymous science fiction film, directed by Steven Spielberg. Set in 2054, officers from a specialized police department called ‘Precrime’ apprehend criminals based on foreknowledge provided by three psychics known as ‘Precogs’: Agatha, Arthur and Dashiel.

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